Setting up Domain to point to Google Cloud Storage

The A and CNAME records are the two common ways to map a host name (“name”) to one or more IP addresses. There are important differences between these two records.
The A record points a name to a specific IP. If you want to point to the server 
A CNAME record, or Canonical Name record, is a pointer of one name to another. A CNAME record points a hostname to another name that is already created for a server or system
To add a CNAME entry to a Domain name to point to a named server do the following.
Login in to Google Domain
Go to DNS Setting the Domain, scroll down the page to the Custom resource records section.

Enter the following respectively
First field : www (or you can specify subdomain)
Second field: CNAME
Third field : 1h (default value for the TTL field)
Fourth field :
Click add. Now the Domain or subdomain would be pointing to the Google Cloud Platform.

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