What is Spring Boot Initializer

Introducing Spring Boot Initializer

Spring Boot Initializer is a web app that helps in bootstrapping spring boot projects. Though the Spring Boot Initializer we can quickly provide dependencies, choose a Build tool like Maven, Gradle, etc, and generate the codes along with configurations. The following image shows spring boot Initializer web app.

Initializer Web App
Spring Boot Initializer Web App

How to generate code

To generate the code please follow the following steps
  • Go to https://start.spring.io/
  • Select project build tools (Maven, Gradle).
  • Select the language (Java, Kotlin, Groovy).
  • Select Spring Boot Version
  • Provide the meta-information like the artifact name, descriptions, etc.
  • Select Java version.
  • Select Packaging.
  • And also select the dependencies based on the need for the project.
We can always add more dependencies, change the java version, etc. from the generated project code.
This will allow the web app to create a sample project with sample codes and dependencies which will be downloaded to your computer. 

Sample generated project.

The following image shows a code structure for a sample web project generated.

Demo of code generation.

Following video shows a demo of code generation using the web app.



  • Spring Boot initializr web app can be used to bootstrap project.
  • The downloaded source code contains all dependencies and sample classes.
  • We can also start by cloning or forking an existing git repository.

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