Java thread States

Java Thread States

A thread in Java at any point of time exists in any one of the 6 states. This article give a quick introduction of different Thread states and respective methods which results in threads state change.
Following are the states of a Java Thread
  • New: Thre thread is just created by using start() method on the tread
  • Runnable: Thread state for a runnable thread. A thread in the runnable state is executing in the Java virtual machine but it may be waiting for other resources from the operating system such as a processor.
  • Blocked: A thread in the blocked state is waiting for a monitor lock
  • Waiting: A thread is in the waiting state due to calling one of the following methods:
    Object.wait() with no timeout
    Thread.join() with no timeout
  • Timed Waiting: A thread is in the timed waiting state due to calling one of the following methods with a specified positive waiting time:Thread.sleep (long)
    Object.wait (long)
    Thread.join (long)
  • Terminated: The thread has completed execution

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